Small Business

Photo Credit: squeakymarmot

Do you own a small business?

Perhaps you want to take online orders, let your customers pay with a credit card and keep track of everything through your web browser. Perhaps you want to put your restaurant’s menu online and easily update it yourself. Or even advertise your latest sales or specials, without relying on someone else to keep it current. I can help design and implement a custom solution to meet your needs.

Are you a web designer?

I can take your design and make it a reality. I normally code in XHTML/CSS with LAMP or Rails but can adapt to your hosting needs. Please see my portfolio for examples of my work.


Photo Credit: Delgoff

Are you in a band?

Of course you’re on Myspace, but what about selling your music online? Or T-Shirts and merchandise for that matter. How about a tour list that never shows stale dates and can be updated using a browser or even by sending text messages from your phone? Ever thought about podcasting excerpts from your shows, or managing your past set lists for your fans to browse? I can help with any of these things and much more, just ask.

Do you manage a community?

Your community could benefit from a full blown content management system where you, your co-managers and your community can all contribute content to your website while you keep control over what gets posted and when. You could have a calendar of events where community members could elect to attend and get reminded before each event. You could send periodic email updates to your community. Your members can post messages, comment and send messages to each other. I can implement and deploy a Drupal or other CMS application tailored exactly to your needs.

From short 1-day projects to complex applications, I’m available to help. Please contact me to discuss your needs.