Corporate Web Sites

Corporate web sites often have special needs outside of ordinary web sites.  You may have information stored in back-office systems that you wish to feed into your public web site.  Or vice versa, maybe you want your contact form to feed directly to your sales force automation software.  I have extensive experience with pushing and pulling data across disparate systems.

Here are some corporate web sites I’ve worked on.

E-Commerce Web Sites

If you want to sell items or services from your web site, I can help set that up for you.  I can customize a hosted shopping cart solution, on-site shopping cart software, or even write a custom shopping cart for you from scratch.  I can discuss with you the pros and cons of each of these options and always give you a professional experience for your customers.

Here are e-commerce solutions I have worked on.

Small Business Web Sites

I can build your small business web site.  I will assess your needs and build only what you need.  You will be able to edit your site yourself with an easy to use in-browser editor.  I can set you up with knowledgeable and talented web designers as well as reliable and inexpensive hosting.

Here are some small businesses I have helped with their web presence.  Also, please see information about e-commerce.

Non-Profit Web Sites

I am willing to work at a discounted rate for non-profit organizations.

Here are projects I’ve worked on for non-profit institutions.