McKinney/York Architects

Yet another very tasteful design by creative suitcase.  I’m really proud of this site— I think it turned out amazingly well.  The portfolio section is pure javascript– mixing images, video and Google Maps in the slideshow.

National Domestic Violence Hotline

This is a design by creative suitcase.  The Hotline web site was already powered by WordPress, but they wanted a new look.  I built them a new theme which worked out pretty well, I think.

The Cook Law Firm

Another beautiful and classy design from creative suitcase, implemented in WordPress.

University Park

After also creating Alexandrina Development’s web site in WordPress, I did a web site for their new development project in central Austin: University Park.  Designed by fd2s, I thought it turned out very well.  Liberal use of jCarousel.

Real Estate Web Site

A very good friend of mine, Mike Domde wanted to redesign his real estate web site and save some money in the process.  He was using an all-inclusive hosting service that specialized in the real estate industry.

I was able to pull the content from his old site, make it fit into the new design and set up in a CMS to make it very easy to update the content. Mike was paying a very high monthly cost for the privilege of hosting his web site and maybe making a few content changes every few months.  I opened an account for him at Dreamhost, and installed the his new site there.  Now, his monthly web site bill is 25% of what he was paying.

For this site, I used MODx, which I like very much– in fact after using MODx, I see absolutely no reason to develop a static web site ever again.

Custom Javascript Photo Gallery for Henry Levine Design

I added a nice database-backed photo gallery using only javascript on the browser side for Henry Levine Design.  There was an existing web site, and I was able to integrate a full CakePHP application into the existing site.  This way, the photos and information about them could be manipulated using an administrative web interface on the back end.

Even though the photo gallery uses fade techniques usually only found in Flash movies, this site uses scriptaculous for its visual effects.

Kinney Recruiting

Kinney Recruiting is a recruiting firm specializing in hiring for law firms.  I built their corporate web site using Joomla with a design from Christian Bowers.  They have many offices around the world and wished for each office to have it’s own blog, news section and other custom content.  I think Joomla excels with such requirements.

This site has a custom data integration with Bullhorn Recruiting Software.  All the job data you see on the site actually comes from an external web service and is loaded on the fly then you visit the various jobs pages or search for jobs.  Also, as a registered candidate, you can opt to receive new job postings as soon as they are published in Bullhorn.

To accomplish this integration in Joomla, I wrote a custom plug-in, component, and module.  If you include the custom Joomla theme, then I really touched all the bases of customizability within Joomla.  Through this project, I learned a lot about Joomla and grew to appreciate the programming interface.


CareerPlug is a candidate sourcing company.  They use a custom Rails application to parse resumes from CareerBuilder, Monster and HotJobs into a candidate pool from which they can search for and invite to their client’s job opportunities.

I started working on this application after its inception, but prior to release.  I made it production ready and have been tuning it and adding features and functionality ever since.

Some interesting technology hightlights in use here are: DomainKeys for ensured email delivery, exporting data as Excel Spreadsheets, keyword searching over hundreds of thousands of resumes using Sphinx, and custom web page templating using LiquidTemplate.

This application is not public facing, so you cannot see it in action, but you can view CareerPlug’s corporate web site, which I also created using WordPress.

Courtland Management

I did a couple of nice little store locators using Google Maps for Courtland Management.  The design was by Creative Suitcase and I think it turned out great.

I’m especially proud of the shadowed round-corners over the scrolling list of store addresses.

Check out National Pawn & Jewelry and EZ Money Pawn.

Texas Math Sign Language Dictionary

Through Austin Free Net, I was able to work on a project with the Texas School for the Deaf. I worked with students and staff on a video dictionary for math-related vocabulary. The students filmed the video and designed the web site. I added a database back end for the video information on the web site, wrote video processing scripts and gave general technology advice.

This site has over 5000 videos on it.  There are about 500 vocabulary words, and each word is signed in both ASL and SEE.  Within each sign type, there is a video with English, Spanish and no captions.  All videos are rendered as Flash Video for the web site as well as Quicktime Video for downloading.

I wrote a Ruby script calling MEncoder to process over 1000 raw videos, add the TSD logo as a watermark, add the appropriate vocabulary word in either English or Spanish and finally output the video as both Flash and Quicktime.  Of course processing that many videos took a long time, but imagine doing that manually in Quicktime Pro or Final Cut?  No thanks.

Check out the site here.